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We know that the tobacco industry spends an obscene amount of money on tobacco marketing, but did you know that they spend over 90% of it on marketing in your local gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores and pharmacies?

Believe it – tobacco companies entice retailers with lucrative contracts that allow them to control how their products are marketed in stores. This includes the large, colorful power wall of tobacco products directly behind the cash register where everyone (including kids) can’t help but see them, advertisements placed at a child’s eye level, placing their products near candy; the list goes on and on.

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Big Tobacco has known the power of the media for decades and has a long history with the entertainment industry. The tobacco industry uses tobacco imagery and brand identification on screen to both normalize and glamorize tobacco use.

Teens consume more media than ever, watching an average of almost 11 hours of media in any given day. The media youth consume is often completely unregulated, giving the tobacco industry direct access to teens’ daily lives.

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Parks, playgrounds, beaches and other recreational areas should be places that people can go to enjoy the outdoors, breathe fresh air and exercise. 

When kids see people using tobacco products at their local parks and playgrounds it normalizes the use of tobacco.  They should not have to be exposed to this subtle tobacco marketing or the secondhand smoke that accompanies it.  Another public health concern is tobacco litter which is hazardous to children and wildlife.

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Some of the program Reality Check LI currently works with are Southampton Youth Bureau, Islip Middle Schools, Patchogue-Medford Middle Schools, Bayport Middle School 

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